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Northern Uganda

Pader-Lapul Community Center

Ugandan American Partnership Organization
EMI EA Project 9086
May 26 to June 7, 2009 (tentative)


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Project Scope

As a result of more than 20 years of insurgency by the rebel group the Lord's Resistance Army, over 1 million people in Northern Uganda have taken refuge in internally displaced people (IDP) camps. Although peace has now come to Northern Uganda, vast numbers of people still remain in these camps, struggling to meet their day to day needs. The Ugandan American Partnership Organization (UAPO) is coming alongside one community in Lapul (roughly 18,000 people), Uganda to assist in the community in moving away from the IDP camps and into their former villages using a community center as the symbol and foundation for rebuilding their lives spiritually, physically, educationally and economically through agricultural practices and vocational opportunities.

The center will be located on a 5 acre parcel of land in an area that will encourage the people to leave their IDP camp while providing assistance in resettling. The community center is intended to provide meeting space for 300 as well as classrooms for meetings, vocational training, educational programs, bible studies, etc. a medical clinic, and offices. The land surrounding the center will contain a sports pitch for the children, areas for agricultural activities and hands-on training, an open space for future housing of staff and vulnerable children in the area.

We need an EMI team of engineers and architects to prepare a master plan an initial phase buildings for the community center. Would you consider joining the team to design a facility to bring hope to the people of Northern Uganda?

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Approximately $2,800 USD
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