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Tanzania (Mwanza)

'Children of Destiny' Orphanage, Medical Clinic & School

End-Time Glory Ministries
EMI EA Project 9090
May 2009


Brad Crawford

Team Needs

Electrical Engineer - to help plan for future electrical needs on the site
Financial Sponsors Financial support is needed to make this trip possible. Would you be willing to help fund this trip with a financial gift?

Project Site

Google Earth coordinates:
2d 31' 25. 38 S, 32d 49' 55.18 E

Project Scope

Established in 1998, End-Time Glory Ministries (ETG) is a non-profit organization that ministers to the physically and spiritually poor in over 13 countries around the world. Using ministry conferences, open-air evangelistic crusades, bible schools and training programs, orphanages and medical clinics, ETG is spreading the gospel and touching lives all over the globe.

They have recently been given nearly 30-acres of land overlooking the southern shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania near the city of Mwanza by the governor of the Mwanza province of Tanzania. ETG plans to use this land to construct and operate separate family homes housing over 60 orphans. AIDS and poor medical care continue to wreak havoc on the lives of many African children, as many little ones are left behind after their parents succumb to the disease due to a lack of medical care. Oftentimes, these children are left with relatives or friends who are unable to care for their own children. Consequently, many are left to fend for themselves at a young age. ETG wishes to not only care for these children but to bring them up with Christian principles and an understanding of the gospel.

Future goals for the site include building a Christian school and medical clinic to serve both the orphans and the surrounding general public. A Christian radio station is also planned to serve the entire region as there is currently no Christian station within reach of Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania.

Design tasks for the eMi team will include a full master plan, exploring the various electrical options, how best to implement water and wastewater systems, and creating fundraising documents. We will design the site layout in such a manner as to allow multiple phases of construction over the course of the coming years. We are looking for a civil engineer to assist in the water and wastewater system design, a surveyor to provide targeted surveying of the site (a local surveyor is currently conducting a limited survey of the property), an electrical engineer to help plan for the future electrical needs of the site, and a graphic designer to help with promotional materials and the design report.

Come to Tanzania to be a part of this exciting opportunity to serve Christ using your skills and talents!


Approximately $2,900 USD
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