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Tanzania (Ntgatcha)
Children at City of Hope

Children at City of Hope

Children at City of Hope

Teamwork City of Hope

Teamwork Ministries

EMI EA Project 9102
Late May, 2010


Janet Strike

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Project Scope

Teamwork City of Hope's aim and mission is to redeem young people who have been forgotten by life through unfortunate circumstances. Their dreams have been squashed and broken as AIDS, chronic poverty, illiteracy, and lack of education take their toll. Teamwork City of Hope is about bringing hope to communities and to nations while changing lives for the better.

Teamwork City of Hope currently consists of a children's home which currently houses 74 children and 6 staff which is also being used for classrooms and storage. They have also constructed a medical center which is due to open in July 2010. They desire to open a full boarding school including classrooms, dormitories, a kitchen/dining hall for 500 students (300 boarding) as well as construct staff housing on site.

Teamwork City of Hope is currently operating with inadequate water and electrical systems. The ministry needs assistance in designing and planning these systems along with a whole site master plan and design of buildings in the next phase of construction.

We need an EMI team of engineers and architects to prepare a master plan, design of the next phase of buildings and design of the infrastructure. Would you consider joining the team to help Teamwork City of Hope raise up Godly leaders to help end the cycle of chronic generational poverty amongst the Kuria people?

Visit the Ministry's website.


Approximately $2,500-$3,500 USD
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