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Uganda (Jinja)

Amazima Ministries

Amazima Secondary School – Site Master Plan and Building Design
EMI EA Project 9142
February 1-10, 2014

Continuing Education
This project provides qualifying CE credits for U.S. DPs.


Jeff Austin

Team Needs

Architects – to help with the site master planning and multiple building designs. - position filled.
Master Planner or Landscape Architect – to help with the master planning, zoning and phasing of the 40 acre site. - position filled.
Civil Engineer(s) – for water / wastewater design and grading / drainage design. - W/WW filled. Need grading / drainage assistance.
Electrical Engineer – to help address the site power needs which will be based on a municipal source. - position filled.
Financial Sponsors financial support is needed to make this trip possible. Would you be willing to help fund this trip with a financial gift?

Project Scope

Amazima Ministries was founded by Katie Davis in 2008. One of Amazima's major outreaches is an education child sponsorship program for orphaned and vulnerable children. Amazima currently sends over 600 children to Christian schools, both primary and secondary, through the sponsorship program. These children also receive 3 meals a day, school supplies, medical care and spiritual discipleship. You can read her amazing story, "Kisses from Katie".

In Luganda, the local language, Amazima (ah-mah-zee-mah) means "truth." Amazima Ministries desires to reveal the truth of God's unconditional love through Jesus Christ to the people of Uganda. In addition to child sponsorship, Amazima is active in community outreach, vocational projects, and discipleship. Every outreach program of Amazima Ministries is accompanied with Biblical teaching and spiritual encouragement.

Amazima Ministries has identified the need for high quality secondary school education in Uganda for their sponsored children that will teach a Christian worldview and help students think more creatively. To make this vision a reality, Amazima has recently purchased a 40 acre piece of land in Jinja, Uganda, with a vision to develop it into a secondary school campus which will include boarding, staff housing and sports facilities. The purpose of the school will be to equip students to glorify God in all areas of their life with the hope that they would one day become missionaries, pastors and godly leaders.

Will you consider joining our team in coming alongside Amazima Ministries and using your skills to have a lasting impact on the youth and country of Uganda but also for the Kingdom of God!


Approximately $2,200 - $2,700 USD from the US
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Other Project Information

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